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The world has undergone a dramatic change and we have to change with it. There is no turning back now. It’s time to slow down and improve the way we do things. For this reason, there has never been a better time to introduce Slow Dentistry into the lives of professionals around the world. With this methodology you can start to enjoy the profession by working in a sustainable environment with the utmost excellence. It is a method that will not only benefit your patients, but it will also give you more work-life balance. 

The Slow Dentistry Academy is the first organization exclusively focused on the training of the Slow Dentistry methodology, promoting its unique benefits that are based on professional excellence and the quality of care provided to patients. Sign up for the Slow Dentistry Academy now and just for registering, you will receive exclusive access to publications that feature monthly articles, news and useful tips. You will also receive special offers on registration for our training courses.

If we progress in dentistry together, we will improve society as a whole. Now is the time. Join the Slow movement to improve your clinic, your professional and personal life and the lives of your patients. Don’t miss out!