Slow Dentistry

The Slow movement is a cultural initiative and a philosophical trend that aims to calm human activity. It attempts to take control of the passing of time by slowing things down and focusing on the well-being, health and happiness of people and their environment.

The growth of professional activity, consumer markets and technological development has resulted in many people falling victim to the tyranny of time and the inability to enjoy the present moment.

In today’s world, we are kept busy 24 hours a day with work, exercise and leisure and we are urged to constantly be moving and consuming. For this reason, finding a proper balance has become not only convenient, but necessary.

Inspired by successful practices from the past, Slow Dentistry offers us a new vision that allows us to be better prepared to face current and future challenges in the industry.

Excellence Method

Slow Dentistry is a method of excellence in which clinical protocols are perfectly integrated with those of management and organization. It is designed for those who feel that sometimes "less is more". The first step towards practicing a philosophy that reimagines the criteria for professional success is realizing that more patients, more first visits or more treatments does not necessarily mean achieving more.

Thus, through the fusion of excellence in management with clinical practices, we seek to help the dentist to better introduce their patients into their clinic, to make more appropriate diagnoses, to encourage patients to accept the ideal treatment, to improve the planning and execution of each case, as well as to provide excellent care and service in order to achieve total satisfaction of the patient and the professional.

The Four Pillars of Slow Dentistry

Quality of Care

Excellent dentistry is a fundamental objective. Slow dentistry prioritizes quality over quantity in a model where often "less is more."

Method of Management

An efficient environment, along with appropriate time and resource management, are essential factors in making high-quality care reproducible, cost-effective and sustainable and allowing for “more to get done with less.”

Focus on the Patient

The patient-focused approach of the Slow model revolves entirely around satisfying and exceeding their expectations, both rational and emotional.

Responsible Innovation

Slow Dentistry is always in favor of innovation and new technologies, as long as they are applied methodically and are backed by scientific evidence to ensure that they truly are able to benefit each patient.

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Odontología Slow
Odontología Slow
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