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Online Course – Slow Dentistry Management towards excellence

A unique and 100% online course in which the student will have access to a wide range of educational material taught by Dr. Primitivo Roig and his team, creators of the Slow Dentistry Method.

Enhance your dentistry, revolutionize your practice, surprise your patients and enjoy your profession even more. Introduce yourself to the Slow Dentistry method with the first organization specialized in the training and research of the Slow movement in dentistry. Learn at your own pace from anywhere in the world with explainer videos, live masterclasses and the content of Dr. Primitivo Roig’s book, which will remain available to you in its digital format for an unlimited time. Upon course c

Available October 2020

Course Content


This first block guides us in the fundamentals of defining our professional styles, in how we want to be as dentists, in how we want to be seen, in what kind of dentistry we want to offer, in how we want to compete, work and also live.

  • The revolution that dentistry needs
  • Benefits of the Slow method
  • When “less is more” in dentistry
  • A plan to achieve professional success


The second block deals with how to build our dental clinic, how to successfully manage our practice and how to position ourselves in order to be able to offer the best care to our patients.

  • Company concept
  • Business organization and quality
  • Economic control of the clinic
  • Marketing with dentistry in mind


The third block presents the basis of the dentist’s managerial work, their mission as a leader, human resource management and how to put together a successful and solid team that is motivated to work together and achieve common goals.

  • The dentist as a businessperson
  • Leadership
  • Building a team
  • Teamwork


The fourth block helps us to understand the patients’ behavior, their decision-making process and their choices; it guides us in managing their first visits and in building successful relationships with them. This lets us first gain their satisfaction and then their loyalty so that they ultimately become ambassadors of our clinic and of our dentistry.

  • The patient as a consumer of dental services
  • The first visit with a patient
  • Patient care and communication
  • The power of loyalty


In the fifth element, we share various reflections that help us to measure impact. We assess how the implementation of the elements of excellent dentistry have improved our practice.

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Start Date

28 September 2020

It is not the strongest or the greatest who will be victorious, but those who are best suited.

The current health crisis has made us rethink the way we live and work. The situation has highlighted the need for a substantial change, we need to slow down the pace at which we were previously living and bring awareness to the importance of proper management in order to offer patients an even higher quality experience.

The two core elements of achieving excellence in our dental practices are professional management and Slow dentistry.

With this objective in mind, the Slow Dentistry Academy has created the Online Course “Slow Dentistry: Management through Excellence.” This course is undoubtedly a great first step in learning about a methodology designed for those who want to offer their best to their patients while enjoying both dentistry and life. This program is exclusively online, accessible to all professionals and brought to you by Dr. Primitivo Roig, promoter of excellence through management and creator of the Slow Dentistry method.

What does this course include?

Digital Version of the Book

“Slow&Grow” by Dr. Primitivo Roig

Exclusive Videos

More than 16 exclusive explainer videos.

Live Masterclass

Live Masterclass to reinforce the educational material and to solve any doubts or issues

How does this course work?

New content daily

Every day you will receive new training material in the form of a video or a reading.

Just 20 minutes per day

You will only have to invest 20 minutes a day in your professional and personal growth.

The world is changing. And you?


SDA INSTRUCTOR 01 04 1 copia

Primitivo Roig

Dentist. Creator of the Slow Dentistry method.

quique copia

Enrique Cuñat


Aleix Puchalt

Office Manager

SDA INSTRUCTOR 01 04 copia

Francisco González

Financial Analyst


  • Students who successfully complete the course will receive a diploma.
  • You will be a member of the Slow Dentistry Academy and will receive regular updates, advice and access to further training.
  • You will have unlimited access to the digital version of the book “Slow&Grow” and be able to reference it at your convenience to review concepts and explanations.

Registration Fee

We are celebrating the inaugural edition of our first fully online course by offering you special rates on registration. .


Register as a user to the Slow Dentistry Academy now and benefit from a 40% discount on the course for a limited time. Enjoy this course for only 295€.

Register here to receive an email with the coupon code.


How does the course work?

It’s a 100% online course, to be completed in the spirit of the Slow method, from the comfort of your own home and at your own pace, without any hassle.

Every day you will receive new training material in the form of a video or a reading. You will only have to invest 20 minutes a day to discover more about our methodology which is designed to enhance your professional and personal growth and to happily surprise your patients.

When can I access the online platform?

Once the registration has been completed and the course has started, the platform is accessible 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, without any time restrictions.

How do I know if this course is for me?

If you want to further improve your dentistry, better the management of your clinic and boost your success, this course is for you. It is for those who like doing things well, who strive for excellence, who are detail oriented and who enjoy working calmly. If you feel that rushed dentistry isn’t your style nor is it best for patients… you aren’t alone.

I don’t like online courses.

We understand you; we know that there is nothing like the closeness and warmth of face-to-face learning. But we assure you that when you try our online platform and our carefully crafted videos and pdfs from your sofa at home… you’ll like online learning too. In addition, our live online sessions will help us to shorten the distances between us and to add excitement to our adventure together.

What will I get out of the course?

As much as you’re willing to get out of it. The research center of DentalDoctors Institute has been very carefully analyzing the impact and satisfaction of all of their courses for more than 15 years.

Students have significantly improved the organization of their clinics, the satisfaction and loyalty of their patients, the initiation and adoption of new treatments, the performance of their consultations and their personal well-being.

But let’s be honest, nothing is achieved without effort. This course is an exceptional start to achieving more, and your effort and commitment during the course is all we need to get results.

What support will I have during the course?

The course is 100% online and everything is automated so that you receive new training material every day.

Any technical issues will be automatically addressed by the online platform itself or by our technical support team.

Possible doubts during the course will be solved in the online sessions. You will be able to send any questions to the student service email and the answers will be offered to all students. As your question might be of interest to other students, we think it will be beneficial to do it this way. We will not answer questions that are not related to the content of the course or that deal with very particular cases that require a personal analysis.

I’m not a dentist, can I take the course?

Yes, this course is also very interesting for dental hygienists, assistants, clinic managers and any other professional role related to dentistry.

What is the duration of the course?

The course lasts 30 days and will start in October 2020. However, you will have an extra 2 months after its finished to review the concepts or to take a more leisurely and comfortable pace.

I already have Dr. Primitivo Roig’s book. Is it still worth it to take the course?

The content of the book is the basis of this online course. Therefore, if you have read the book you will already have a good knowledge of the subject.

However, we do recommend that you take the course for the following reasons:

You will enjoy more than 16 explainer videos and conceptual classes.

  • 2 live masterclasses with Dr. Primitivo Roig.
  • You will also have the opportunity to have the digital version of the book for an unlimited time, an exclusive offer for students of this course. This allows you to read it whenever you want from your tablet or mobile phone.
  • You will receive our diploma of achievement.

What happens if I don’t like the course?

Nothing. We are so convinced that this is such a unique and extraordinary course that we are giving you the opportunity to cancel your registration and receive a full refund for up to 7 days after course initiation.

Sign up, start the course and if it’s not what you thought, you have a week to cancel. We are confident that this won’t happen 😉

How can I pay for it?

Our goal is to introduce and bring our methodology closer to the entire professional community, which is why we have offered such a highly competitive price.

The course is priced very low for the quantity and value of its content, and additionally you can benefit from a 40% discount for a limited time.

You can use either your VISA, Mastercard or American Express credit or debit card through the secure payment platform, Stripe.

Once I have passed the course, will I get a certificate or diploma?

Yes. In order to do this, you must have successfully finished the course, completed all of its contents and passed the simple tests at the end of each block.

This training is done in partnership with the DentalDoctors Institute of Management, an official ADA CERP (American Dental Association Continuing Education Recognition Program) provider, so after passing the course you will receive 24 CE Credit Hours.


When I finish the course, can I further my training in the Slow methodology?

Yes, we collaborate with the DentalDoctors Institute and you will therefore have access to the Executive MBA in Dentistry and the Slow Methodology, the Master’s degree in which our methodology was born and which has become very well known in dental education. It is a blended learning program that combines distance learning with in-person classes held at our center. The program is also accredited by the CFP of the Universidad Politécnica de Valencia.

Can I share my user information or course content with others?


We believe that honesty is a fundamental value of any professional.

Its content is registered and protected and its unauthorized distribution will be subject to the relevant laws.

Registration for the course is personal and non-transferable. Our online platform registers the entries and the origin of each user. If we detect that people other than the registered student are logging in by using passwords of others, the course registration will be canceled without any refund.


You have seven days to ensure that you’ve made the best possible decision.

Register for the course, start the training, implement the skills and enjoy the content of the course first hand. By doing this, you can reaffirm that you are taking a unique course and that you have made an excellent choice.

Not convinced or not the right moment?

No problem, you have up to 7 days (after the course starts) to let us know. We will cancel your enrollment and give you a full refund. The process will be easy and immediate.

We’re here to help, to empower and to connect. That’s why we know that only those who are willing to commit 100% to our Slow methodology will be able to get the most out of our course and achieve success.