Our main mission is the spreading of knowledge, principles and solutions through training. Our own courses, and the others with which we work closely, present innovative solutions and new visions so that professionals can further improve their working practices and their level of dentistry, while simultaneously enjoying their professional lives to the fullest.

We help professionals to grow, always keeping in mind that their patients benefit from better dentistry.


Online course

Slow Dentistry: Management through Excellence

To offer the highest possible quality to the patients while still assuring the advancement and profitability of the clinic, it is necessary to complement traditional clinical practices with new ideas and methodologies.

Good clinical practices depend on management or direction styles that can adapt to the characteristics and idiosyncrasies that are present in the dentistry sector today. Resilience has become the most critical value in confronting the new challenges that have presented themselves to dental clinics as a result of the 180º change and dramatic evolution that the world has experienced.

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In-person Training-Partnership with dentalDoctors Institute

EXECUTIVE MBA in Dentistry

The Executive MBA in Dentistry by DentalDoctors is organized in collaboration with the UPV Chair of Clinical Management at the Polytechnic University of Valencia, and is a unique experience for professionals who seek harmony between their work as dentists and clinicians and that of leaders and businesspeople. The Slow Dentistry Academy offers special opportunities for its members to participate in this blended learning postgraduate course in which the Slow Management methodology is studied in detail.

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Odontología Slow