Clínicas W

Clínicas W is the first network of dental clinics that provides first and last names of those who practice the Slow Dentistry methodology. It is a network composed of professionals who understand the benefits of this methodology and who have completed our entire training circuit, making them certified as masters of Slow Dentistry.

They are dentists who believe in going above and beyond the satisfactory level to exceed their patients’ expectations. They are dentists who understand that being supported by a unique team like that of Clínicas W allows them to grow and improve. Through this network, they have been able to reach new patients by further promoting their clinics in accordance with the core values of the Slow methodology.

Why choose a Slow Clinic?

From the very first moment that patients have the Slow experience, they immediately recognize the benefits of this method and understand just how much it differs from more traditional methods. They will easily fall in love with the unique way in which their dentist works.

Advantages for Patients of Slow Dentistry

Quality of Care

A higher quality of treatment that can be attributed to work performed with a sense of dedication and tranquility.

Maximum Humanization

Greater knowledge and understanding of which procedures are truly needed, allowing for a decrease in the surprise factor or anxiety experienced at the end of the process.

Security and Trust

Greater control and security which minimize the possibility of risks or complications.

Home Away from Home

Greater satisfaction and a more pleasurable experience throughout the entire treatment. A sense of trust and familiarity with the dentist.


Save by managing to delay or avoid future treatment needs. The Slow method pairs efficiency with excellence to offer the most beneficial dental experience possible.

Prevention Rather Than Cure

Extend the life of your teeth and maintain the best version of your smile thanks to this preventive and conservative approach.

Is Slow Dentistry expensive?

No. In fact, there's nothing cheaper than doing things right. It is possible that some patients may think that Slow Dentistry is only for people who can afford a clinic of high standards and excellence. The reality is that doing things right the first time allows us to reduce costs, to be more preventive and therefore offer excellence at more accessible rates.

Would you like to run a Clínica W to develop your talent and enhance your dental clinic with the support of the team that created the Slow methodology?

Take the first step and discover our methodology with our online course.