Pioneers and creators of the Slow Dentistry methodology.

Many professionals who value excellence may find that they recognize several principles of Slow Dentistry to be familiar. It’s fair to say that in many aspects, in terms of its essence and values, Slow Dentistry is already being practiced by passionate professionals.

More and more dentists from different parts of the world are slowing down their activity in order to once again prioritize quality over quantity. They need to humanize their relationship with their patients and make responsible use of innovation to be able to move towards even better dentistry.

The mission of the Slow Dentistry Academy is to lead the Slow movement in dentistry by promoting the benefits of our unique methodology that is based on professional excellence and high-quality patient care.

From Philosophy to Method

Odontología Slow

Our origin goes back to the vision of Dr. Primitivo Roig, who through research and courses developed at the DentalDoctors Institute of Management (a leading organization in clinical management training in the sector), created, along with his team, the principles and protocols of an exclusive methodology inspired by the idea of overall quality and the values of the Slow movement.

This is how he managed to turn a philosophy into a method, in which management and organizational tools are combined with clinical protocols to enable the development of a cost-effective, reproducible and sustainable model of Slow Dentistry.

Achieving maximum control between clinical practices and office management, and doing so with excellence, enhances the quality of dentistry, professional success and patient satisfaction.

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Working with the Slow method is not simply working slowly and well, it is working efficiently, being productive, cutting down on errors, doing more with less, prioritizing quality and doing things right the first time. It is about enjoying the emotional bond between the patient and our team and remembering that taking care of the human element and betting on excellence will end up bringing more benefits to us, the patients and dentistry in general.

"Working Slow is not only a matter of attitude, but it is also a commitment to a method"

Dr. Primitivo Roig

Pioneers and Creators of the Method.

We were early in realizing that we had to make a change in the way that we understand and practice dentistry. At the DentalDoctors Institute we have been a reference in clinical management training for over 15 years, offering more than 20 editions of our postgraduate courses and training thousands of professionals.

This experience allowed us to merge excellence in management with clinical practices to create the Slow Dentistry method.

Innovation Based on Evidence

We don’t just spread information, we create it. We conduct research studies both on our own and in collaboration with other organizations and entities through our Slow Health Hub at the Center for Research on Change and Quality Management at the Polytechnic University of Valencia.

Immersion in the Industry.

We work in a dental clinic and research center every day, from which we analyze a great deal of data from dental clinics in order to study in depth what is happening in the dental sector and to be able to anticipate new scenarios. Our reality is the same as that of the professionals we train, which is why we understand their needs so well.