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If you appreciate excellence, efficiency, attention to detail and a calm atmosphere while working, then you’ve come to the right place. If you agree that rushed dentistry isn’t your style nor is it best for patients, then we have news for you: “you aren’t alone.”


Join the Slow Dentistry Academy to develop yourself professionally, to grow your practice and to experience what it is to have a successful clinic with happy patients.

Living and working calmly benefits everyone.

Slow Dentistry allows us to discover the pleasures of working in this profession. Being able to enjoy dentistry in a sustainable work environment with the utmost excellence while achieving a work-life balance is beneficial not only for the profession itself but also for society as a whole.

Merging clinical and managerial excellence.

Slow Dentistry is based on making the best business decisions that are supported by science, while still paying close attention to the rational and emotional impact that our job has on our lives and those of our patients.

You, but not just anyone.

We are an academy for enthusiastic professionals- those who are passionate for dentistry, defenders of excellence, promoters of the utmost respect for patients. It is for peers who are committed to constant professional development and who contribute to the prestige of our wonderful profession.

The time is now.

It’s time to make excellence in dentistry profitable and sustainable for the professional, accessible and comfortable for the patient, and beneficial for all.

Anywhere in the world.

The Slow movement pays no mind to physical borders or cultural differences. Tranquility, excellence, success, a healthy work environment and enjoying life are necessary and desired qualities in all corners of the world.

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Slow Dentistry: Management through Excellence

To offer the highest possible quality to the patients while still assuring the advancement and profitability of the clinic, it is necessary to complement traditional clinical practices with new ideas and methodologies.

Good clinical practices depend on management or direction styles that can adapt to the characteristics and idiosyncrasies that are present in dentistry today. Resilience has become the most critical value in confronting the new challenges that have presented themselves to dental clinics as a result of the 180º change and dramatic evolution that the world has experienced.

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Slow Dentistry focuses on what’s important: how to treat people. It’s not about getting ahead on treatments. For that reason, I identify with this philosophy. To me, people are the most important.

Dr. Lucía OviedoOviedo Miranda Dental Clinic

Since we’ve become a part of Clínicas W, we have noticed an improvement in all areas and a greater sense of control and security that allows us to achieve our goals in a shorter amount of time.

Dr. Víctor ÁlvarezVíctor Álvarez Dental Clinic

Slow Dentistry allows me to do my job how I like to do it. I enjoy speaking and listening to the patient, and that is what allows me to do a perfect job.

Dr. Ana OrtoláAna Ortolá Dental Clinic

Slow Dentistry consists of focusing on the patient, incorporating the 5 senses, offering comprehensive care and allowing for high-quality patient care to become a reality. Thanks to this philosophy, everything can be done well-but really.

Dr. Ángel LorenzoÁngel Lorenzo Dental Clinic

At Clínicas W we are achieving the goal of setting the standard for Slow Dentistry. I feel supported when making decisions. Thanks to Clínicas W, I feel that we are all heading in the same direction.

Dr. Juana Mª FernándezJuana María Fernández Dental Clinic

I identify with Slow Dentistry because it’s what I’ve seen being done throughout all of my life. Just like how my father has always done, I strive to treat the patient as a whole-to treat the person, not just their teeth. And Slow Dentistry lines up with that: focusing all of the attention on the patient.

Dr. Fernando Blanco - MorenoBlanco - Moreno Dental Clinic

Becoming part of Clínicas W has been, as much for me as for my team, a challenge in terms of patient care and dental clinic management. We consider both concepts to be essential to making our clinic sustainable, effective and efficient.

Dr. Ana RoigAna Roig Dental Clinic

At our clinic, we value our time more than anything. Slow Dentistry helps us to better manage that time to be able to offer excellent quality to our patients.

Dra. Carolina BonillaCarolina Bonilla Dental Clinic